About Sarah

Science Teacher Sarah is an experienced, dynamic teacher who has made the very conscious decision to teach children out of the traditional realm.

Fun, full of thousands of facts and always willing to listen to children, Sarah has delighted them with hands-on science from Brooklyn to Riverside and everywhere in between.

Sarah noticed a gap in the education of Science due to a lack of enthusiasm. She teaches theory in a way everyone can understand and, with hands-on projects, reinforces concepts in a way everyone enjoys!

She began her love of Science, Art and History in Connecticut but realized that she was being taught from books and not the world around her. Knowing that science is the key to explaining how everything works, she found a way to combine facts and experiments, suitable for children of all levels.

She is not afraid to demonstrate an earthquake before a baking soda and vinegar volcanic eruption, or pick up tarantulas and snakes; she is incredible!

From Astronomy to Zoology, Sarah is a veritable encyclopedia of facts! She loves to answer all types of science questions and on the rare occasions when she gets stumped, finding out the answers and relaying them back to the children. True scientists are lifelong learners, after all.

More than just Science, Sarah teaches respect and manners. When students show an attempt at manners, they are rewarded with a good behavior prize during camp. One of Sarah’s main ideas is that positive reinforcement is the best way to mold young minds.

She began teaching science when she was a baby sitter and learned how to reach children, making each of them feel special and important. For the last seven years she has honed her technique, sparking a new found love of science in children of all ages.

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