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          We have an exciting assortment of science special events as scheduled below.

Tuesdays and Thursdays will flow through themes presented throughout the week by our guest experts, workshops and our students’ inquiry.  We will follow student-led questions into hands-on projects and experiments. Students also have the opportunity to visit our on-site animal menagerie, explore our short wave cave (GID), and play in our own backyard space.



Monday, June 18   We’re off to bubbly beginnings here at Science Adventure Kids.  When did people first make soap? Just how slow is  a slow reaction? Today we’ll be contemplating the combinations of fats and lye with a guest expert, from Chameleon Club Studios. She’ll give us the sudsy science of soap!   We’ll explore the perfect chemical balance to make our very own bars!

Wednesday, June 20  There are many ways to create patterns on fabric.  Today we’ll explore the Japanese manual resist dyeing method, known as Shibori! Our guest expert will share the history of this intricate science,  as we discover how and why it works the way it does.


Friday, June 22  Calling all tinkerers, makers, inventors and explorers! Today’s guest expert will delve into circuits, wires, melting metal, soldering and more. We are always curious about how things work and how to make things work. Let’s find out together.



Monday, June 25  Clothing takes on many different forms across cultures and countries, but why?  What materials are available and how are they used? Textile Arts brings the lowdown on textiles to us today.  We’ll see exactly what math, science, history and, of course, art, has to do with weaving and other fabric techniques.


Wednesday, June 27 Levers, pulleys and gears are the forefront of simple machines.  What happens when they come together with technology? We’ll meet at the crossroads of science and science fiction today.  We’ll discover the real-life workings and mechanics by meeting with a working replica of R2D2!


Friday, June 29 Illusions, slight of hand, deceptive devices… What do they all have in common? It’s where magic meets science. Today we’ll have fun with this fine art, as we uncover some secrets of the trade!


Monday, July 2  Everybody loves a lava lamp. But it’s even cooler to make one! Let’s take it a step further and have it Glow In The Dark. Today’s experimentation will be illuminating.

Wednesday, July 4  CLOSED for Independence Day


Friday, July 6  Let’s get microbial with guest chef, Cheryl Paswater, of Contraband Ferments!   Fermented foods play an important role in digestion. We’ll make sauerkraut and see the microbes at work while we discuss the nutrition and anatomy of it all.



Monday, July 9  Botany beckons. We will explore the water cycle and craft our own little microcosm in the form of a terrarium, complete with live plants.  Every ecosystem, no matter how big or small, works by having all the components play a role while working together.


Wednesday, July 11  Adventure to the stars through exciting astronomy. What is life like as an astronaut? How does a rocket ship work? What happens behind the scenes to pull it all together? How do we know what we know about the solar system? Let’s find out together.


Friday, July 13  You are invited to a healthy hands-on demo with Coqui Chef.  We’ll get in the kitchen, explore the tools and chemistry, all while making and tasting a most delicious and nutritious snack.




Monday, July 16  Design and construct an entire village designed to live in harmony with the Earth’s environment. Include renewable energy sources, native materials, walking & bike paths, green spaces, and much more with Arch For Kids’, Live Green! Make a Sustainable Village.


Wednesday, July 18  The STEAM wagon comes to Science Adventure Kids! This amazing group of makers from Staten Island converted a vehicle into a traveling maker-space and today they will share how to use drills, sanders and other tools of the trade to build with wood and invent!


Friday, July 20  Taro’s Origami shares the art of paper folding.  We will discover the many ways that science uses origami.  From parachutes to safety on cars (airbags, medical stints) and how it relates to science.  We’ll get right down to the importance and the fun of the fold.



Monday, July 23  Kids For Positive Change presents Parrots and Backyard Birds!  Through dynamic demonstration and hands-on projects, we’ll learn all about these animals and conservation.  Let’s find out how kids can impact animals that live far away from right here in NYC.


Wednesday, July 25  The wheels on The Physics Bus will turn, turn, turn, all the way from Ithaca to us.  This is an awesome mobile exhibition of upcycled appliances reimagined by kids that showcase unfamiliar physics phenomena.


Friday, July 27  Have you ever wondered how a stethoscope works? How about an x ray?  Dr. Dave shows us around the instruments and tools of a physician. We’ll explore the tools of the trade, along with anatomy, to discover why they work the way they do.



Monday July 30   Acids, bases, explosions, oh my!  Vinny Voltage wows us with bold and bubbling demonstrations of physics and chemistry.  He is sure to leave us with lasting memories of today’s awesome feats of experimentation.


Wednesday August 1 Matt Vorzimer, ecussionist, joins Science Adventure Kids to show us the awesome way he joins technology and music using an unconventional medium– fruit! Through an intricate series of wiring and a musical instrument connected to produce, we’ll hear the melodies of science.


Friday August 3 Wild Bird Fund cares for wild rescue birds found around the city. Today we investigate some of the reasons birds need rescue and care as the experts walk us through the plight and triumphs of city life for our feathered friends. We’ll learn what to do if you find an injured bird and so much more.  Our human guest expert will answer our many questions along with an animal ambassador.



Monday August 6  Karma Kids will visit our classroom to share their expertise in balancing, twisting, spinning and more.  There’s nothing like a good body challenge!


Wednesday August 8  hink of all the mythical stories and fables with reptilian creatures.  We’ll meet some true reptiles and begin to make the connection with a visit to us from Snakes-n-Scales!  Some animal ambassadors are coming for a visit to give us some up close expertise!  Our cold blooded friends have so much to share about their natural habitats and ecosystem, as well as their unique features and needs.


Friday August 10  Guest expert from Robodyssey joins us to share the fundamentals and technology behind circuitry and  robotics. Let’s make connections and really get things moving with guest expert, David Peins.



Monday August 13  Fermentation Station awaits us for an adventure in sourdough.  We’ll get a start on our sourdough starter with professional fermenter, Cheryl Paswater.  She’ll be sharing her knowledge of all things bacterial, microbial, nutritional, but most of, deliciousness. What can we make, bake and begin with microbes? Let’s find out.


Wednesday August 15  Bicycles are a big part of summertime fun.  

Today’s workshop is all about the intricate workings of a bike.  We’ll explore tools, machines, levers and gears. We’ll also learn some useful bike maintenance including how to fix a flat.


Friday August 17  The Nature Company joins us today along with some friendly critters!

Big ears!  Sharp claws!  Slimy skin! Those are just a few of the adaptations that help animals to survive.  See the incredible ways an animal’s body is designed for success in their habitat. We’ll explore awesome adaptations and camouflage with the help of some new animal friends.



Monday August 20  Get electric with Solar One.  We’ll talk all about power, sustainability, materials and stewardship in today’s workshop on alternative energy. Our hands on exploration will lead us through how and why wind turbines work.  We’ll make deductions about the future of power.


Wednesday August 22 All aboard the STEAM Makerspace on wheels!  An adventure in science, technology, engineering, and math awaits. This innovation lab brings a variety of fabrication equipment. Today’s lab will focus on circuitry, while still giving us an all around experience in how things work!


Friday August 24  Discover the diversity of bugs. Learn why bees are important to our ecosystem. Together we’ll learn how to protect our crawling and flying friends .  We’ll explore an organic hands on project with Kids For Positive Change that will help us, help the bees, bugs and butterflies! We’ll bring together the best of entomology and conservation.


WEEK 11  

Monday August 27  Reduce, Reuse , Recycle.  We’ve all heard the 3 R’s, but do you know the how and the why?  Recycling is very cool process for each item from paper, to plastics to metal. As we discuss the importance, we’ll explore the techniques.


Wednesday August 29  An object in motion stays in motion and a science adventure rolls with it as we explore and discover all things Kinetic Energy!  The laws of physics can be found in surprising and exciting ways, join us to experience some of them.


Friday August 31 I scream, you scream, we all scream for an Ice Cream science adventure!  After an awesome summer of discovery we’ll celebrate by learning some of the many ways ice cream is made and, of course, we’ll delight in eating some too. AS delicious conclusion to a fantastic summer.


***Some special events are subject to change.***




PLUS: We have the opportunity to extend science beyond Labor Day with enough interest, so be sure to let us know if you want it!


Time: We start at 9 am and finish at 3 pm.  

Extended day till 5:30 or early drop off is available upon request for an additional fee.


Some field trips are subject to change.


Drop-Off Location: 112 west 14th St. #3W Buzz #5 between 6th and 7th Aves.


Lunch: All Jr. Scientists must bring their own completely disposable lunch.


Price: Individual Day: $90  Full week (M- F) $400

Take $5 off per day if payment is received prior to the week of enrollment.

Fees include snacks and prizes.

Extended day till 5:30 additional $20 per day Early Drop off $10 starting as early as 7:45

$20 for adults planning to attend, and please be sure to make an escort reservation.

Please make all checks payable to: Science Adventure Kids


T Shirts

Regular t-shirt: $20   Glow In The Dark t-shirt $25   

For low cost options please inquire with our office.

Buy a STS back bag, $10, perfect for all the things your Jr. Scientist might find along the way.


We are happy to offer our Junior Assistant program for 11-14 year-olds.

They still count as students and are welcome to participate in all activities,

but help the younger kids have even more fun.


For questions or reservations, please give us a call

(646) 374-1721 or


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