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          We have an exciting assortment of science special events as scheduled below.


Tuesdays and Thursdays will flow through themes presented throughout the week by our guest experts, workshops and our students’ inquiry.  We will follow student-led questions into hands-on projects and experiments. Students also have the opportunity to visit our on-site animal menagerie, explore our short wave cave (GID), and play in our own backyard space.



Monday, June 10  Neon signs are everywhere in NYC! Want to see how they’re made? Let There Be Neon invites us in for an illuminating, behind the scenes look at how neon lights are made. This trip is sure to be a high-LIGHT of our summer!

Wednesday, June 12  Have you ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes of a New York bakery? What tools are used? What’s yeast?  What’s involved in a slow-proofing process and why does it sharpen and improve the taste of bread? Let’s learn about the components of bread-making together at Breads Bakery!  

Friday, June 14  You’d never know it when you walk by the building, but there’s a blossoming underground vertical farm in the heart of Tribeca! LED lighting, hydroponics, and technology combine to create Farm One, Manhattan’s only indoor hydroponic farm! They use no pesticides or chemicals, and 95% less water than a traditional farm! Let’s check it out!


Monday, June 17 Our city has been evolving for a changing world.  More gardens, farmers markets and environmentally sound places are popping up. One organization has taken on the task of mapping these gems, Green Maps. Today they’ll take us on a neighborhood tour to explore environmental impact and mapping!

Wednesday, June 19  Acids, bases, explosions, oh my!  Vinny Voltage charges us up for an electrifying chemistry performance.  As an expert in both science and showmanship, Vinny Voltage will leave us with lasting memories of today’s awesome feats of experimentation.

Friday, June 21  Some people think cake-decorating looks really hard! But, the folks at NY Cake Academy believe anyone can do it!  They will bring us on a tour of their cafe, classroom/production area and store. And then we will all decorate our own cupcakes!


Monday, June 24 Let’s take a trip back in time at the Merchant’s House Museum where we will learn about life in the mid-19th century, identifying the personal belongings and household objects of people who lived there (from candles and oil lamps, to 19th century clothing, and chamber pots, too). How were their lives different from ours? How were they similar?

Wednesday, June 26  The great outdoors is calling and we will respond with an enthusiastic “Yes!”.  Let’s go on a nature walk and discover local animals of the land and sky. We’ll investigate their relationship to the environment and our relationship with them.

Friday, June 28  We’ll talk all about how a laser works. It is  is actually a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation.  Now let’s celebrate our newfound knowledge with a game…Laser tag!


Monday, July 1  Simple machines are all around us making our lives run. Levers, pulleys and gears use the forces of physics to help us complete so many tasks. A favorite example of these things all working together is bicycles! Today’s guest expert invites us to explore the marvelous mechanisms of the terrific two wheeled wonder.

Wednesday, July 3 Ride the current to investigate charged particles such as protons and electrons and what they do to create power. Explore electricity through a fun series of demonstrations and experiments. It’s sure to be a hair raising day of excitement.


Monday, July 8 Have you ever tried Kombucha? Do you know how it’s made?  Join us as we learn the fermentation process behind making this effervescent drink.  We will dive deep into learning about symbiotic cultures, a microbe’s journey, and chemical reactions in fermented foods.

Wednesday, July 10   Let’s discover the journey our drinking water takes to get to our taps.  Experience New York City’s water infrastructure! Learn the process of cleaning our wastewater before it is released into surrounding waterways! On this day, we will tour the Visitor Center at the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. What can we do to be stewards of our water?

Friday, July 12  Sit!  Down! Stay!  Today, we will be visited by Rescue City, a shelter in Brooklyn. And, yes, they will be bringing someone hairy with them!! We’ll learn the importance of rescue, proper care and training.


Monday, July 15  Let’s look closely at the animals who live in our classroom so we can design and create a model home for them, based on their individual habits and biome. What are their habitats in the wild? The climate? The geography? Is it a nocturnal creature? Is it a social or solitary animal? What are its habits? What kind of home would you build for them? Our visitors from ArchForKids will guide us through architecture and engineering principles and skills, as we design our own habitats.

Wednesday, July 17  Join us on an inquiry-based trip to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge to learn about the dynamics of ecosystems and the birds who live in them.  Let’s examine what adaptations birds have developed that make them thrive in their environments. Today we will be experiencing “Science on the Fly” in both salt marsh and forest habitats!

Friday, July 19  Today we will be visited by the scientists at STEM Kids NYC to learn about the life-cycle of a seed and seed germination. Together, we will follow the scientific method while we build a sprout house!


Monday July 22  Today, the Nature Company will join us along with some friendly critters!

Big ears! Sharp claws! Slimy skin! Those are just a few of the adaptations that help animals to survive. See the incredible ways an animal’s body is designed for success in their habitat. We’ll explore awesome adaptations and camouflage with the help of some new animal friends.

Wednesday July 24  Let’s learn about light, lasers and holograms! Lasers are used in many industries and enable information to be transmitted through optical fibers. The holographic storage of images and data is only possible because of lasers. Scientists from the Holocenter will show us different types of holograms and then we will make our OWN hologram recording capturing an object in 3-D!

Friday July 26  How does the heart work? What does it do to keep us alive? And what can we do in an emergency situation? Today we will be visited by a CPR instructor who will teach us how to recognize signs and symptoms of various emergency conditions and what young scientists can do to help in an emergency.


Monday July 29  Bicycle powered ice cream?  Churn your own at Ample Hills!  We will learn about making ice cream, tour the facility, and participate in a pedal powered demonstration which churns our very own batch of vanilla ice cream! Kitchen chemistry, alternative energy and delicious dessert are a winning combination.

Wednesday July 31  Tadpoles and frogs and turtles, oh, my! Let’s explore the biotic and abiotic elements of the pond ecosystem at the Alley Pond Environmental Center! We will learn about the physical characteristics of the pond and meet some of its local inhabitants during a close up investigation. Discover more about food webs, predator/prey relationships and amphibian metamorphosis!

Friday August 2  In honor of the 50 year anniversary of Apollo 11, NASA Solar Ambassador Katherine Troche, will lead us on an expedition of the skies.  We’ll honor the astronauts and engineers and astronomers before us, as we learn about our place in the solar system.


Monday August 5  The Little Red Lighthouse stopped being used as a functional lighthouse long ago, but over the years it has become a beacon of another kind. Sitting underneath the George Washington Bridge along this treacherous section of the Hudson River once known as Jeffrey’s Hook, this is one of the few surviving lighthouses in New York City!

Wednesday, August 7  Every seltzer bottle at Brooklyn Seltzer Boys is hand-filled in the last remaining seltzer factory in New York City where NYC tap water is triple-filtered through layers of sand, charcoal, and paper… It is then chilled to 43°F before it reaches the carbonator, a small vessel which mixes water and CO2 with a series of rotating paddles.  The resulting product, seltzer, is forced under pressure into a six-head siphon filling machine. And, this adventure will answer the question we all have: what is an egg cream and what do they taste like?

Friday August 9 – Explore the East River estuary and tidal strait at Brooklyn Bridge Park! Investigate and assess the health of the East River by observing, gathering samples, and performing simple water tests. Let’s Rove the Cove while analyzing specimens, discussing habitat, characteristics, and environmental adaptations of local organisms.

WEEK 10  

Monday August 12  Today we will discover the science of art and design at the MAD Museum. We will explore their galleries and then visit the MadLab Studio where we will use traditional techniques to cutting-edge technologies to create our own designs. Let’s experiment with art, craft, and design processes to consider how objects are made.

Wednesday August 14  SI Makerspace beckons us to explore how things work and the art of invention.  With a great many tools and supplies to work with, what will you make?

Friday August 16 You are invited to a healthy hands-on demo with Coqui Chef.  We’ll get in the kitchen, explore the tools and chemistry, all while making and tasting a most delicious and nutritious snack.

WEEK 11  

Monday August 19  When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore.  And that delicious pizza pie has crust rising high.. But how? Discover the wonders of yeast at Two Boots Pizza, where we will be making our own pizza!

Wednesday August 21  Let’s explore energy in motion while we get our energy in motion at Deno’s Wonder Wheel.  This ferris wheel is unique because it operates as a giant gear as opposed to most ferris wheels, which use only smaller gears.  There is no better way to investigate physics and inspect the workings of simple machines and tools than having an amusement park adventure!  This rotation won’t be soon forgotten.

Friday, August 23  What’s your favorite toy? What was your mom’s favorite toy? What about your grandfather or your great-great-great grandfather??  Let’s go to the NY Historical Society to explore toys – then and now! We will examine objects from their permanent collections to discover how life over the past 400 years compares with our 21st Century expectations and technologies.

Week 12

Monday August 26  Our butterfly release will be a day to remember, as we watch our winged friends soar out into the world.  Their life cycle is fascinating to follow. They are beautiful to examine and they play a vital role in the ecosystem. We’ll get an up close look and then… Release!

Wednesday August 28  Let’s take a trip to the Voelker Orth Museum and explore their bird sanctuary and Victorian garden! Look around the garden and what do you see? One special insect is our focus for today – the honeybee! We will learn about the important role of honeybees in our ecosystem, visit their working beehive, sample honey, and make beeswax candles to take home.

Friday August 30  I scream, you scream, we all scream for an Ice Cream science adventure!  After an awesome summer of discovery we’ll celebrate by learning some of the many ways ice cream is made and, of course, we’ll delight in eating some too. Il Labratorio Gelato invites us for a delicious conclusion to a fantastic summer.

***Some special events are subject to change.***



PLUS: With enough interest we will extend the science beyond Labor Day!  

Time: We start at 9 am and finish at 3 pm.  

Extended day till 5:30 or early drop off is available upon request for an additional fee.


Some field trips are subject to change.


Drop-Off Location: 112 west 14th St. #3W Buzz #5 between 6th and 7th Aves.


Lunch: All Jr. Scientists must bring their own completely disposable lunch.


Price: Individual Day: $90  Full week (M- F) $400

Take $5 off per day if payment is received prior to the week of enrollment.

Fees include snacks and prizes.

Extended day till 5:30 additional $20 per day Early Drop off $10 starting as early as 7:45

$20 for adults planning to attend field trips, and please be sure to make an escort reservation.

Please make all checks payable to: Science Adventure Kids


T Shirts

Regular t-shirt: $20   Glow In The Dark t-shirt $25   

For low cost options please inquire with our office.

Buy a STS back bag, $10, perfect for all the things your Jr. Scientist might find along the way.


We are happy to offer our Junior Assistant program for 11-14 year-olds.

They still count as students and are welcome to participate in all activities,

but help the younger kids have even more fun.


For questions or reservations, please give us a call

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