Summer Camp 2017!

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Summer Camp 2017


          We have an exciting assortment of science adventures as scheduled below.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are traditionally in-class days where we do hands-on projects and experiments. Students also have the opportunity to visit our on-site animal menagerie, explore our  short wave cave (GID) and play in our own backyard space.


Monday June 19   The wonderful world of Pyrotechnics has a mysterious plethora of science behind it.  We have a pyrotechnician guest expert coming to share a burst of secrets about this exciting trade.  We will dive deep into one fascinating aspect…  Fireworks!  

Wednesday June 21   We are so excited for guest expert, artist Steph Mantis to visit us with her brainchild Forever Pizza!  She will share with us the inspiration behind this unique creation as well as the precise science that goes along with preserving a slice of pizza…  FOREVER!

Friday June 23   Do you hear the reverb?  Today’s adventure is all about the wave as we explore the way it travels and vibrates.  Discover the tools of the trade and precision of sound as we meet with expert guitar maker and investigate the process that leads to a quality instrument hitting just the right note.


Monday June 26 Bindlestiff Family Cirkus brings it’s starring act to us.  Today we will explore circus science through a captivating presentation followed by trying our own hand at elements of circus arts.   Let’s play physics, anatomy and balance through a series of fun activities.  

Wednesday June 28   Need a picture?  Do you have one of storm on Neptune?  Would you know where to find one without using google images?  In time not as far back as you think, we did not have the world of information at our fingertips.  Lucky for us, we have a wonderful resource here in NY, the photo archives carefully preserved at NYPL.  The curator invites us for discussion and exploration of their extensive and impressive collection.

Friday June 30   Have some fun and get spun with our guest expert from Cotton Candy Time! We’ll learn the ins and outs of this delicate fluff, as well as getting an up close look at the inner workings and mechanics of a cotton candy machine!  We’ll watch and analyze the spinning process, solid liquid or gas, what exactly is it?


No Camp  July 3 & 4

Wednesday July 5   Smell the irresistible aroma of…  Pizza!  Flipping, stretching, rising to the occasion with the delightful dough.  Add some spices.  Ask some questions.  How do tomatoes grow?  With so many varieties, which are best for sauce?  How does brick oven work?  We will see some clear answers and let our other senses explore the rest.

Friday July 7   Dive into the world of Sharks and Sea Turtles, discussing their vast ecosystem and what they need to thrive and survive.  What has a positive impact on these amazing creatures?  What has a negative impact?  Our adventure will be rounded off with a very useful hands on project.


Monday July 10   Makers now have a movement that we are motivated to make our own.  Maker Depot invites us to explore tools and machines used in fabrication.  We’ll make a special project to put our new found skills to good use.  Today we will combine creativity, ingenuity and science, as we get cracking on a project of our own.

Wednesday July 12  Randall’s Island Park Alliance  invites us for Freshwater Wetland Exploration.   The native plant-dominated freshwater wetland provides habitats for a variety of organisms.  We hope to see birds, reptiles, insects and maybe mammals.  Today we will visit the inhabitants, explore the environment and learn what it needs to remain a healthy ecosystem.

Friday July 14   Can you smell the cacao beans roasting at Roni-Sue’s?  The tantalizing aroma will draw us in for a Bean To Bar experience into the world of chocolate making.  After the beans cool, we will learn how to roll and crack them out of their shells then move on to get an up close look at the mini chocolate refiner!  This amazing process will take us to a decadent conclusion.

Monday July 17   Meet majestic mammals at Bergen County Equestrian Center.  We’ll brush up on horse health and care, anatomy, and the environment of these amazing creatures.   Let’s explore science at the stables to learn about how horses get enough exercise and what they need to thrive.

Wednesday July 19   Marine Park Nature Center will be introduce us to outdoor survival theory and demonstrate basic outdoor skills. We will learn useful wilderness skills that will come in handy in camping or survival situations.

Friday July 21   Riding in on a sound wave, today we get to visit one of the America’s most beloved musicians and philanthropists as we vibrate our way through the Louis Armstrong House in Queens, preserved in history, allowing us to see just how a legend lived.  He left us many different types of instruments to investigate and the source of their particular sounds. What a Wonderful World! 


Monday July 24   Today we will be introduced to basic marine science concepts through one of the River’s smallest inhabitants – plankton.  We’ll use microscopes to view and learn about the intricacies of life throughout food webs at Hudson River Park.  Drift into investigation just like these fascinating microorganisms.

Wednesday July 26   Flash freezing fruity goodness catches our attention at People Pops. Today we will get a behind the scenes look at a full swing food operation from the prep stations to the packaging machines and distribution! Hearing about health codes is making me hungry.

Friday July 28   Wild Bird Fund knows how to care for fowl from hummingbirds to hawks.  Today we investigate some of the reasons birds need rescue and care as the experts walk us through the plight and triumphs of city life for our feathered friends.  Our human guest expert will answer our many questions along with an animal ambassador.


Monday July 31   We’ll visit International Robotics, hosted by our friend, an 8 foot tall robot, and he fits right in!  We will chat with SICO and maybe even have a dance.  Our human host will join us for an invigorating conversation on inventing, robotics and shooting for the stars.

Wednesday August 2   Do you know where dirt comes from?  Who takes part in the process? What is it’s importance in our ecosystem?  What role does it have in an urban environment such as ours?  Today’s adventure leads us to Big Reuse where we will discover just how rich fertile soil comes to be.  

Friday August 4   Newark Museum and Planetarium shares a new show with us, The Moon, where we will discover the wonders of Luna.  We’ll analyze the energy emitted from the Sun and observe sunspots on it’s surface and aurorae on Earth.  Adventure through space with us and find our way back to our home, planet Earth, with a new sense of understanding.   


Monday August 7   Here’s some food for thought, let’s take a most tantalizing classic and give it a twist, by using an unconventional crop to turn it a bright, beautiful color.  Let’s find out how the naturally purple hued yam combines with the delightfully delicious ice cream.  Soft Swerve treats us up a palate pleasing adventure while we explore the ingredients, colors, textures and tools.  My hypothesis is that this will be scrumptious!

Wednesday August 9   Let’s get an up close and personal look at the Space Shuttle Enterprise at the Intrepid!  Today we will learn about the history and future of space travel.  We will revisit famous missions to outer space including the moon landing, robots on Mars and spiders in space.

Friday August 11   Come on over to carbonation station and discover the wonders of soda.  This bubbly beverage is not only refreshing, but quite intriguing.  How do those bubbles get there?  What are the integral ingredients?  What is the brewing process?  Today we’ll meet with an artisanal brewer to have our curiosity and our thirst quenched.


Monday August 14   From the Earth comes many riches, including clay.  From ancient civilizations to our modern world, we have made good use of this substance on every continent. From throwing to glazing and firing, we’ll watch it change and become Pottery.

Wednesday August 16   Let’s have fun with physics and inspect the workings of simple machines and tools than with an amusement park adventure!  Deno’s Wonder Wheel is the most memorable way to explore gears, incline planes, potential and kinetic energy.

Friday August 18   A solar eclipse is just around the corner.  What is it, how does it happen and why?  Can we see it safely?  What is the difference between a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse anyway?  Today we will make Solar Glasses, so you will have the tool to view the upcoming rare sight, the solar eclipse!


Monday August 21   Museum of Interesting Things brings in the unique, the rare and the, well… Interesting!  Artifacts will be explored and explained, relics from the past and instrumental pieces in the evolution of technology.  One of my favorites is the oldest mobile phone, it’s the size of a suitcase!

Wednesday August 23   All aboard the time machine, destination Field Station Dinosaur!  Realistic looking animatronic dinosaurs will greet us at every turn as we learn all about prehistoric times through dynamic demos and shows.

Friday August 25   Recyclarium rolling on in.  The portable classroom offers exhibits and interactive games that explain the ins and outs of recycling, from disposing of the materials properly to processing what eventually emerges as the recycled product.


Monday August 28   Preserving or expanding the life of food by anaerobic fermentation or brine is a fun experience called pickling!  Taste and texture typically changes through this process. What kinds of fermented foods do you eat?  Have you ever pickled before? Get ready for a microbial adventure!

Wednesday August 30   Alice Austen was a pioneer in the science of photography.  While we visit her historic house in Staten Island, we will explore digital cameras to recreate her photos and design some of our own.  Preserving a moment is a quest as old as time, with ever growing ways of accomplishing the task.  Join us as we investigate the evolution of photography.

Friday September 1   What better way to celebrate another fantastic adventurous season’s end than this behind the scenes investigation of Il Labratorio Gelato?  The difference between solids and liquids will become quite apparent with this creamy delight.  What a cool and refreshing science!


Some field trips are subject to change.



With enough interest, we will add camp the week of June 12 – 16, July 3 and beyond Labor Day.  So, if you would like to join us, please let us know as soon as possible.
Tuesday and Thursday are traditionally in-class days.  We will do hands-on projects and experiments.  Our intriguing investigations will lead us seamlessly to explorations.  Perhaps a visit to the shortwave cave for a real experiential and glowing way to get to know all about shortwave light.  Students will have the opportunity to visit our on-site animal menagerie and play in our own backyard space.  Curiosity will be piqued, questions will be answered, and fun will be had!


Time: We start at 9 am and finish at 3 pm.  Field trips may return as late as 3:30.

Extended day till 5:30 or early drop off is available upon request for an additional fee.


Some field trips are subject to change.


Drop-Off Location: 112 west 14th St. #3W Buzz #5 between 6th and 7th Aves.


Lunch: All Jr. Scientists must bring their own completely disposable lunch.

For the field trips, we will store lunches in a cooler until lunchtime.


Price: Individual Day: $90  Full week (M- F) $400

Take $5 off per day if payment is received prior to the week of enrollment.

Early Payment discount take $10 off per day or $50 off per week for June and July if payment received by 4/30 and for August if payment received by 5/15.

Fees include admission, snacks, transportation and prizes.  Field trips are subject to change.

Extended day till 5:30 additional $20 per day Early Drop off $10 starting as early as 7:45

$20 for adults planning to attend field trips, and please be sure to make an escort reservation.

Please make all checks payable to: Science Adventure Kids


T Shirts

Students are obligated to wear camp t shirts on field trip days.

Regular t-shirt: $20   Glow In The Dark t-shirt $25   

For low cost options please inquire with our office.

Buy a STS back bag, $10, perfect for all the things your Jr. Scientist might find along the way.


We are happy to offer our Junior Assistant program for 11-14 year-olds.

They still count as students and are welcome to participate in all activities,

but help the younger kids have even more fun.


For questions or reservations, please give us a call

(646) 374-1721 or


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