After School Schedule

Kids in Science Class After-school Classes Info available via email-

Science classes for kids ages 4-9, learning about science topics ranging from the human body to outer space and beyond.

After School classes begin on 

September 20 and 22

And run through

December 13 and 15

Classes will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays

3:45 – 4:45

Pick-up and late hour available

Class rates

*Single class per week $325/Semester  

*For 2 afternoons $520/Semester 

Drop-in $35 CASH due at drop-off

+++ALL NEW+++

Class Plus

Single day $650/Semester 

After 2:00 – 5:45

Includes 1 class and supervision for non-class time


For 2 afternoons, $1170/Semester 

Includes 1 class per afternoon, supervision for non-class time

Drop in $60 CASH due on the day of class

Pick-up from selected schools is $5 per student per pick-up, $65 per fall semester per student single afternoon, or $130 per student 2 afternoons

Sign up today!!!!

As always, we love to accommodate you.

Do you need another class time? With enough interest, we will add it, just let us know.

  ***Ask about our walking pick up from local schools!*** 

Please call 646-398-8809 or email to register.       



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