Science Teacher Sarah has many programs available for your child!

Full-color brochures are available for download HERE –>


Science Teacher Sarah’s After School Science Classes are the perfect thing to nurture your child’s desire to learn how the world around them works!

These classes start at Level One (preschool, age 4). They continue onward and are designed to build upon your child’s knowledge, year after year. Ideas are taught through theory and hands-on experiments which are reiterated as new topics are introduced.

Some projects in the after-school repertoire include: designing and creating Space Stations, the simity of making models of plant and animal cells, building the next Big Ball factory and, a personal favorite of so many, edible mucus and fake poop!

Although classes build on a foundation of knowledge, one level at a time; we welcome students to begin at any phase. The Junior Scientists who have come for one year never get left out and love their time here! We believe all children bring fresh concepts to science, no matter what their experience!


Every parent wants their child to have an unforgettable birthday. With Science Teacher Sarah, that’s just what they’ll have.

Our parties have kids learning and in stitches as we blend science, humor and knowledge while we perform hands-on experiments, art projects, or learn about and pet animals.

In the hour and a half of entertainment, usually three projects are done. These can vary from demonstrations of molecular compounds such as making goo, to learning about volcanoes and erupting their own! The great advantage of having three projects that the birthday kid wants is that no matter what kind of science their friends love, everyone will have a fabulous time!

For the extra touch, the Big Package comes with the standard hour and a half of entertainment as well as the birthday cake, decorations, helium balloons, an assistant, goody bags with at home science experiments, snacks, juice, set up, and clean up!

The Molecular Spectacular Liquid Nitrogen Show is always a blast! We take a tank of the coldest stuff on Earth and freeze things you wouldn’t believe! Have you ever seen a banana be used as a hammer? You will at this party! This one ends in homemade boiling ice cream, made right in front of you… in five minutes!


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